“Modular” refers to any home built in sections, however, this broad description contains differences in specifications, quality, and customization. “System built” homes are constructed in sections like modular homes but with a unique systemic process, utilizing jigs, templates and other processes to raise the level of efficiency and quality. Additionally, while a typical modular home must be disclosed as factory-built during re-sale, a system-built home is not subject to disclosure laws and may be listed and sold as a stick-built home.

Another key difference between systems built and modular homes is the degree of customization. Modular homes are governed by certain width and length restrictions for transportation purposes, however, because a systems built home is transported on a low boy trailer, there are fewer restrictions.

Northstar sells through qualified builders, one of whom is Kopper Creek. We work with you to custom design and order your systems built home, arrange the site work and complete the final cleaning and home walk through with you.

For further information on system built homes, please visit Northstar SystemBuilt, a trusted member of the industry for many years and our preferred system-built factory.
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