Terminology like mobile, manufactured, double-wide, modular, factory-built, etc. has been sometimes misused to describe the entire industry without proper distinction.

A manufactured home, sometimes referred to as a H.U.D., double-wide or mobile home, is housing at the lower end of the price scale, built in accordance with the federal code. It is transported on a steel frame and wheel assembly, with the non-removable frame designed to rest on either a temporary or permanent foundation. Manufactured housing offers a limited selection of floor plans and design, and placement of the home is often restricted to certain areas of a town or city by local zoning regulations.

An IRC modular home provides higher structural quality than a manufactured home and is constructed to the same building codes required for site-built homes by your state, county, city and specific locality. Modular homes must set on a permanent foundation, either a crawlspace or a basement. The typical home includes two or more modules, comprised of the same building materials found in stick-built homes.

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